Live music, one of the hallmarks of Florida Mijas Beach


In order not to get our fingers crossed, we will say that music, in any of its styles and forms, is enjoyed by 99.9% of the people who inhabit planet Earth. Another issue would be to reach a consensus on what is music and what is not... But what we love in Florida Beach, we want to do our bit and make it one of our hallmarks, is to promote live music in Mijas.

We know that we live in difficult times for entertainment, that we must continue to be patient, strict and self-demanding with safety, distance and hygiene measures, just as we have been until now. But when all this happens, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will be ready to offer you the best live entertainment on the Costa del Sol. Look!

1.- Live DJ set for your day at the beach and pool

To enjoy this live music option you don't have to wait for anything. You can live it right now. Right now! All you have to do is reserve one of our hammocks in the beautiful Cala de Mijas or in our swimming pool. From 11am to 8pm, you will spend a perfect day at the beach, pool and sun with a soundtrack by our resident DJ.

Next to the swimming pool you will find one of the two restaurants we offer, Source. A 360º space where you can have lunch or dinner a la carte, have a drink or cocktail or simply meet for a coffee.

Just above Origen is PalmiraOur most powerful, formal and elegant restaurant offer. Its delicious and varied menu will make it very difficult for you to choose your favourite dishes. By the way, both menus are designed and prepared by Florida's gastronomic director, chef Ivan Cerdeño, holder of a Michelin Star.

2.- Evenings in Origin on weekends

Whenever possible, in the last hour of our weekend evenings, live music will be the protagonist. Mijas will become the perfect place to experience the sunset. The best versions by rumbas or the most iconic songs of Spanish pop will pass through this space.

3.- Lighthouse, the beacon of live music

At the moment this space is on stand by but ready to offer you the best live concerts whenever possible. Bands playing great songs that you know perfectly well and also consolidated artists from the national scene will pass through the stage of our coquettish party room (it is not the Wizink Center(The same is true for the other two, but one can live in real harmony).

Because we believe that Mijas deserves quality live music, we want to offer our customers a leisure product with an added value just by pressing the play button and let it play track after track. We believe in the stages, in the sound tests, in the face to face with the artists and their interaction with the audience, in singing (shouting) all the songs that we know by heart together with our friends while we raise a glass or a Mahou on the air. We believe in getting you off the grid for 120 minutes.

For all this, we hope to see you NOW in Florida Mijas Beach!

6 perfect plans to make whilst you are in Mijas

florida mijas beach plans 1

The south and Andalusia in general, and the Costa del Sol in particular, offers you an inexhaustible source of possibilities to enjoy to the maximum during your time here. But today we are going to focus even more and show you 6 perfect plans to make when you are in Mijas. Options of leisure, gastronomy, fun and relaxation that will make you fall in love (more) with this corner of Spain.

You probably already know (and if not, we are here to tell you) that Mijas is composed of 3 urban centres: Mijas Pueblo, which is the historical centre of the municipality and is located on the side of the mountain of the Sierra de Mijas closest to the coast; Las Lagunas, in the area called Mijas Costa, located after the town of Fuengirola; and La Cala de Mijas, which is the most coastal urban centre of the 3 (and where Florida Mijas Beach is located).

Having said that, take note of the 6 plans we propose so that you can spend a few fantastic days without leaving this wonderful town.

1.- Take a donkey ride in Mijas Pueblo

One of the main and most famous tourist attractions of Mijas are the donkey rides in the village. As we have indicated before, Mijas Pueblo is in the middle of a mountainside, so you can imagine the steep slopes you will find... prepare your legs and soften a little the effort by taking a donkey taxi.

Furthermore, to make the most of your visit, you have a couple of very interesting museums to visit: the Mijas Miniatures Museum and the Mijas Historical and Ethnological Museum. Several hermitages, its bullring (from 1900) or the historical centre are several points not to be missed when you go up to the village.

2.- Spend a day at sea snorkeling

Normally the utility of a lighthouse is to guide air and sea traffic. The 25 metres high Calaburras lighthouse, in Mijas Costa, can be seen from several kilometres away. But on this occasion, it will serve as a reference for us to spend a day practicing diving.

You just need some good goggles, the snorkel (which, in case you don't know, is the tube you breathe through when you dive) and a good attitude to practice one of the best plans in Mijas. Well, maybe some flippers won't hurt either! At Decathlon you can equip yourself on a very cheap budget.

The area of the Calaburras lighthouse has several small beaches and rocky areas where you can enjoy the especially crystalline water and the fauna and flora of the sea bed. Keep an eye out for the different species of fish, sea urchins and starfish, octopuses...

3.- A day at the water park in Mijas Costa


Pay close attention because Aquamijas It's a great plan. First of all, we warn you that to enter you must comply with all health and safety measures. Everything okay? Well, go ahead!

It is a water park located in Mijas Costa, just next to exit 208 B of the A7. It has 12 attractions, some more light, for all audiences, and others for the more courageous, such as the Kamikaze.

In addition, to make you feel at home, it has a security service, lifeguard and medical staff, cloakroom service, safety boxes and a recreation room. From the centre of Fuengirola there is a shuttle bus service that takes you to the park.

Highly recommended!

4.- Enjoy the best leisure and gastronomy of Mijas in Florida Beach

The Florida family comes to Mijas to offer you the best leisure and gastronomy in the Florida style. After the success of the resorts in Madrid (Florida Retirement) and Valencia (Palau Alameda), this time in the form of a beach club. We offer you more than 3000 square meters so that you can disconnect completely and only dedicate yourself to relax and enjoy: sea, beach, sun, swimming pool, cocktails, music and two restaurants, at your choice.

SourceLocated in the lower part of the complex and next to the swimming pool, this is our most informal catering venture. The menu, prepared by our gastronomic director, Iván Cerdeño (winner of a Michelin Star), offers you a variety of exquisite bites for your most casual meetings. Sandwiches, hamburgers, the best Iberian products, fried food and typical fish of the area and even sushi are some of the options. By the way, have you tried the best croquette in the world?

Next to Origen is the swimming pool, at the foot of the beautiful Cala de Mijas and the sea. You can visit reserve your hammock in the beach or pool area and spend a day in the sun. Relaxed. With your people. We'll take care of the rest.

On the highest part of Florida Mijas Beach is located our most elegant and formal restaurant, Palmira. A great gastronomic experience, thanks to the incredible menu proposed by the chef Sardinian, and also sensory, thanks to the wonderful spaces in which it sits. The best from the garden, fish, meat and... oh, those rice dishes will make you want to come back very soon.

Partly indoors, in a large covered room full of circular shapes, and partly outdoors, in a wide terrace with Cala de Mijas at your feet, and the Calaburras lighthouse in the background, by the way!

If you want to spend a full day with the best leisure and gastronomy, the best plan in Mijas is in Florida Beach.

5.- Take a pleasant walk or exercise on the coastal path

The final project of the Diputación de Málaga is that the coastal path a 200 km walk along the coast of Malaga. Right now, in our town the coastal path is about 8 kilometres long, so it is one of the best plans in Mijas.

It consists of a footbridge for pedestrians and bicycles (although the latter are prohibited from June 15 to September 15), the road alternates stretches of cement with other wooden ones, like the one we have right in front of Florida Beach. It has constant entrances to the beaches, urbanizations, viewpoints, dunes... in short, it is a very nice path to walk on while you walk or practice a little running.

6.- Learn or perfect your golf in Mijas

If there is a kingly sport on the Costa del Sol in general and in Mijas in particular, it is golf. Only in Mijas you have at your disposal 9 golf clubs so that, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you can learn or perfect your game. All the clubs are just a few minutes drive from Florida Mijas Beach, so we are waiting for you to play the 19th hole around a table or over a cocktail.

There is a great variety of courses, 9 and 18 holes, because of the terrain on which they are located and their difficulty. In a previous entry we told you more about them. You can take a look at it here. The school Black Iron Golf Academy is one of the schools that can help you improve your golf. You will unite sport, health, sun and nature in the same plan!

Now all that remains is for you to get going and cross off plans in Mijas of all the ones we've proposed. Shall we start?

Iván Cerdeño, a Michelin Star for the stoves of Florida Mijas Beach

Not every restaurant is lucky enough to have a Gastronomic Director who has won a Michelin Star as is Ivan Cerdeño. In the Florida group, on the other hand, we are immensely lucky to have him both in Madrid, with Florida Retiro, and now on the Costa del Sol, with Florida Mijas Beach.

And if being a great chef, recognized by the profession, is accompanied by the fact that he is even a better person, we have no doubt that he fits perfectly into the Florida family. Ivan is our man!

Florida Beach Night
Florida Beach is Ivan Cerdeño's latest project

But all this success and recognition has not come to him by chance. Because this young man from Toledo (😉), at 40 years of age, already has many kilometres made in some of the best kitchens in Spain and abroad. The fact that his parents ran a restaurant was an impulse to encourage him to study cooking in Toledo and then continue training and gaining experience in places like El Bohío, Rodero or Celler de Can Roca in Spain. And in Landau, in London.

From there, his own projects come to life, such as La Casa del Carmen, El Carmen de Montesión or the most up-to-date one, The Angel's Cigarral. All this journey has served to offer a range of dishes that are reminiscent of traditional cuisine, adding a personal touch.

Garden, mountain, sea and first class rice dishes are what the menu of one of the restaurants in Florida Mijas Beach offers, Palmira.

Palmira, the place where you will live a unique experience

Florida Beach's main entrance leads you directly into a very special space. 50% of Palmira, its indoor part, is made up of the fantastic hall that presides over our complex. The harmony of its spaces and the circular shapes of its furniture stand out: seats, tables, lamps...

The other half of Palmira, outdoors, is formed by a wide terrace and incredible views of Cala de Mijas and the sea. This is Ivan Cerdeño's most formal gastronomic venture in Florida Beach. A variety of options of vegetables, meat, fish and rice, as well as 150 references of wines, which we are sure will not leave you indifferent, a safe bet!


5 original plans to enjoy the Costa del Sol to the maximum


It is no secret that the Costa del Sol is an inexhaustible source of opportunities, of places not to be missed and original plans that have to be lived and enjoyed, yes or yes, when you have the chance to come. The offer of leisure, culture, sport and restaurants is too extensive to fit in one single entry of this humble blog.

But we don't want to stop proposing some of the best plans to make your experience in this land unforgettable. Not everyone who is here is here, but everyone who is here is here. Attention!


1.- An experience full of beauty and adrenaline in the Caminito del Rey

original plans costa del sol

When the repairs were completed and the Caminito del Rey (King Alfonso XIII had inaugurated it for the first time in 1921), the province of Malaga recovered one of its most representative enclaves for its beauty, its history and the great adrenaline charge that this walk entails.

Located in the heart of the province, this is a hanging pedestrian bridge attached to the stone, made of wood, almost 4 kilometers long, which runs through the canyons of the Gaitanes Gorge. At some points, it is more than 100 meters high over the river, which makes this experience worth living.

You can travel by public transport from several shuttles, both by bus and by train. There are also private transport services. You can book your visit every day except Mondays. Please note that the winter timetable is different from the summer timetable. Without a doubt, this is one of the most original plans to make on the Costa del Sol. Check your diary and find a place for it!


2.- Spend a day at the beach, music and the best gastronomy in Florida Mijas Beach

If we tell you beach, swimming pool, music and superior gastronomy, with family or friends, all in the same location, you will know that we are referring to Florida Mijas Beach. Another "brother" of the Florida family (after the legendary Florida Retiro in Madrid and Palau Alameda in Valencia). Because among the best original plans we could not miss to offer you the best mix of leisure and gastronomy on the Costa del Sol. And all with the Florida seal.

The beautiful Cala de Mijas and the sea at our feet, 330 days of sunshine a year and 3000 square meters divided into several spaces.

In the area Beach we give you the opportunity to have a fantastic day sun and sea. 30 hammocks by the water of Cala de Mijas and our waiter service at your disposal from 11 am.

Beach and pool area

Palmiraon the top floor, is our jewel in the gastronomic crown. With the chef Iván Cerdeño at the controls, we assure you an amazing experience. A Michelin Star that puts at your disposal the best from the garden, meat, fish and rice that will not leave you indifferent. You can enjoy all this in the spacious indoor lounge or on the outdoor terrace, the choice is yours!

The ground floor is Origin PoolThis is a 360º space that mixes the pool area with a more informal restaurant area, although with dishes and bites that are just as exquisite as Palmira. You can spend a fantastic day at the pool by booking your single or double hammock or your special 8-person bed.


Also, from Thursday to Sunday, when the afternoon falls, we offer you the best live music: rumbas, Spanish pop or a DJ set so that you can finish the day in the best way possible. Keep an eye on our website and social networks to be aware of the dates and groups that will visit us!

And on weekends, Lighthouse is your perfect choice for nights of music, lights, entertainment and drinks. A tailor-made party room that pretends to be your meeting point of Costa del Sol nights. Visiting Florida Mijas Beach is one of the original plans that cannot be missed on your list.


3.- Visit the Starlite Festival, an annual music event

Once again, the Starlite Music Festival is held in the inland part of Marbella. Days of concerts with some of the most famous figures of music such as David Bisbal, Aitana, Morat, Pablo López, Diego el Cigala, Taburete or Marta Sánchez, who, since 2012, have been offering us this festival. Which is your favourite day?

The Nagüeles quarry, where it is located, can be reached by your own vehicle, taxi or VTC or by a bus line from Marbella.


4.- Spend a cultural afternoon visiting the Picasso Museum and the centre of Málaga

There is no doubt that Malaga is one of the most culturally rich cities in the country. Therefore, one of the original plans we propose, because not everything will be beach and sun, is to visit two of the richest and most interesting museums in the world today.

Our most universal Malagueño in history, the painter Pablo Picasso left an extensive and unparalleled pictorial heritage that can be enjoyed in Picasso MuseumLocated in the Buenavista Palace, in the heart of Malaga.

In July and August it is open every day from 11am to 7pm. The entrance fee is 9 Euros, although there are reduced rates for some groups, such as those over 65 and students under 26. Even the entrance is free for people with disabilities or unemployed. And on Sundays, during the last two hours of opening, entrance is free for everyone.

A perfect day for you to take advantage and soak up the whole centre of Malaga, a beautiful city like few others, with the Marqués de Larios street as its backbone.


5.- Live a basketball match of Unicaja de Málaga

If you are on the Costa del Sol during the basketball season, you can experience one of the best basketball shows that can be seen in Europe. Unicaja de Málaga, one of the best teams on the continent, participates in the Endesa League and in European competition. He disputes his home games in the Martin Carpena Pavilion. Malaga is one of the cities with more tradition of basketball in Spain.

original plans costa del sol

And if you come in the summer, you might be lucky enough to attend one of the games often played in this city by the Spanish basketball team, one of the best in the world! An original plan to spend an afternoon championship night.

We hope that you liked our five proposals and, above all, that you will set out to fulfill them all. We look forward to your comments!

Your birthday celebration on the Costa del Sol now has a location: Mijas


It doesn't matter if you're twenty or eighty. A birthday deserves a big celebration, yes or yes, for many reasons. For example, because it means that we are alive (which is already a lot 😅!) and that we keep adding amazing stories to the book of our life. Or that we can celebrate it with the people we love most. If the birthday celebration is on the Costa del Sol, the Cala de Mijas it's the perfect place.

And Florida Beach your meeting place. Because we give you all the options to spend an unforgettable day with your people. And because you will be the protagonist of your day. Besides, we can tell you in advance that it won't be all about blowing out the candles and eating cake (which will also).

We will put at your disposal the four great spaces of Florida Mijas Beach. You will not have to choose only one, but you will be able to combine them as you wish. Keep reading and combine as you like.

Spend a great day at the beach in the fantastic Cala de Mijas

You might imagine your birthday celebration as a quiet (or not so quiet, mind you!) day at the beach. For this, we offer you dozens of hammocks in the front row, right in front of the Mediterranean Sea, with their respective shadows, so that you can set it up as you like.

From 11 a.m. until sunset you will have a waiter service to order the drinks and delicacies you want from our kitchen. You can reserve your hammocks in advance on our website. Book your hammock.

By the way, we have a nautical street right in front of the complex, in case your means of transport to reach our beach is by sea.

Live your best gastronomic experience in Palmira

You don't have to wait for your birthday to come and enjoy this special experience Palmira but it's certainly a perfect occasion to experience it. Before you sit down at the table and let your sense of taste be the protagonist, it will be with your eyes that you will be able to see (and almost feel) this space that is so magnificent for its spaciousness, its harmony, its decoration and its furniture.

It consists of a lounge and a very large terrace that on summer nights seems that it is not the cove of Mijas and the sea that you have right in front of you, but a beautiful setting. You choose where, inside or outside, to celebrate your birthday around a table whose menu has been prepared by our Chef Iván Cerdeñoa Michelin star holder. It is a luxury to have you with us on the Costa del Sol. A formal and elegant lunch or dinner that will be a complete success, for sure.

Origen Pool, a restaurant with a pool... or vice versa?

birthday celebration costa del sol

The access from the beach to our complex takes you to a wide space composed by a swimming pool, lawn and hammocks (single, double or the round beds for 8 people) next to the most informal of our restaurants, Source.

Instead of a beach, you may prefer to spend your birthday surrounded by the coming and going of people that this space becomes. Lots of sunshine, music, excellent food and good vibes all day long, from Thursday to Sunday, from 7 pm with live music shows: flamenco or Spanish and international pop versions.

Besides, you can keep the party going until the morning. You like this option, don't you? Moving!

Discover Lighthouse, our party room

And it ends there on the day of the best birthday celebration you can imagine. Our party room, adjacent to Origen and Palmira, where you can dance and have a few drinks to celebrate life.

Now it's your turn. What would your perfect birthday celebration on the Costa del Sol look like? Tell us through the web or social networks and our Events will adapt everything to make your day unforgettable. If you are on the Costa del Sol, let the Florida family help you organize your event.

We're waiting for you!


Florida Mijas Beach, leisure and gastronomy for the Costa del Sol

After fulfilling the dreams of Madrid (with Florida Retiro) and Valencia (with Palau Alameda), this time it is in MijasWe are located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, where wishes are fulfilled and we want to offer you the concept of leisure and gastronomic complex that we like so much. Florida Mijas Beach is already here and we want to live it with you. Will you join us?

Because we are seduced, we fall in love, this idea adapted to the southern airs of Malaga, its customs, its pescaítoThe joy of its people, which is lived in every corner of this land. The mere fact of seeing the pristine white outside of the building, already puts you in a wonderful Andalusian context.

Last June 26th was the first day in which we put at your disposal 3000 square meters full of fun, variety, excellent food and drink, entertainment and relaxation divided into several spaces and adaptable to any plan. From a quiet and familiar day at the beach to the celebration of an unforgettable party with your friends. From 11 am to well into the morning.

The hands of Ivan Cerdeño, holder of a Michelin Star, show us the gastronomic way

Chef Iván Cerdeño is repeating his experience with us, as he is responsible for the preparations at Florida Retiro in Madrid, which have been so well received by our customers. A luxury to have at the controls of our kitchens a holder of a Michelin Star.

Origin, a place 360

The dishes on the menus of the two main gastronomic spaces we propose are also yours. On the ground floor, as well as the swimming pool, is located SourceA restaurant where you can meet in a more informal way around a table where you can share dishes such as salads, fantastic Iberian products, typical fried food or an excellent sushi and you can complete with main dishes such as hamburgers, fish or sandwiches.

Its wide doors connect directly to the hammock and pool area, so you will have everything within reach in a few meters.

Palmira, elegant and exquisite

On the top floor you will find PalmiraA real gem, not only in terms of gastronomy, but also in terms of architecture, since the enormous size and elegance of its lounge and the harmony of its spaces means that, through its huge window, you can join Florida Mijas Beach with the immense sea that you will have right in front of your eyes.

More formal lunches and dinners and a varied menu in which garden products, fish (such as tuna from the Almadraba), meats, fried foods and rice dishes stand out, which is doomed to success. All this is watered by the wine you choose from a selection of 150 references.

Apart from the indoor option, Palmira also offers you the outdoor option where you can enjoy your meal on a large terrace right above the pool area and with incredible views of Cala de Mijas.

Spend a long day at the beach in Florida Mijas Beach

From 11 a.m. until the sun goes down you can book one of the several dozen hammocks we offer you, located on the beach right in front of our complex. Or maybe you prefer to reserve it in the pool area. Choose one space or another, you will have our waiter service at your disposal throughout the day. All the leisure and gastronomy in the best area of the Costa del Sol, at your service.

Also, if you come from Thursday to Sunday, you may want to join that beautiful day at the beach with what you will experience in Florida from mid-afternoon. Because if there is something that characterizes us Florida family is that we signed up for a bombing. And in this case, the bombing is organized by us. Look!

The best leisure plans on the Costa del Sol

For decades, Florida has been synonymous with leisure, fun, surprises, artists, lights, live music and, above all, joy. We want you to disconnect from the day to day with us, not look at the clock, relax and just enjoy yourself. We will do the rest.

Every week, from Thursday to Sunday, around 7 pm, we offer you the best live music at Origen. Artists who will bring us the best versions of rumbas, Spanish pop and all the great songs that we know you know by heart. There is no better plan to finish off a day at the beach, right? 💃🏻 Well, that's it!

Also, on Thursday nights, in space LighthouseIn our party room, we offer you the What The Funk session brought to us by DJ and rrpp Terry Hobbs so you can dance until late at night.

We will keep you informed of all the events and news through this channel and our social networks. Follow us and don't miss anything!

Facebook: Florida Beach Instagram: @floridabeachoficial

The best mix of leisure and gastronomy has arrived on the Costa del Sol. It has arrived at Cala de Mijas.

We're waiting for you!