Your birthday celebration on the Costa del Sol now has a location: Mijas


It doesn't matter if you're twenty or eighty. A birthday deserves a big celebration, yes or yes, for many reasons. For example, because it means that we are alive (which is already a lot 😅!) and that we keep adding amazing stories to the book of our life. Or that we can celebrate it with the people we love most. If the birthday celebration is on the Costa del Sol, the Cala de Mijas it's the perfect place.

And Florida Beach your meeting place. Because we give you all the options to spend an unforgettable day with your people. And because you will be the protagonist of your day. Besides, we can tell you in advance that it won't be all about blowing out the candles and eating cake (which will also).

We will put at your disposal the four great spaces of Florida Mijas Beach. You will not have to choose only one, but you will be able to combine them as you wish. Keep reading and combine as you like.

Spend a great day at the beach in the fantastic Cala de Mijas

You might imagine your birthday celebration as a quiet (or not so quiet, mind you!) day at the beach. For this, we offer you dozens of hammocks in the front row, right in front of the Mediterranean Sea, with their respective shadows, so that you can set it up as you like.

From 11 a.m. until sunset you will have a waiter service to order the drinks and delicacies you want from our kitchen. You can reserve your hammocks in advance on our website. Book your hammock.

By the way, we have a nautical street right in front of the complex, in case your means of transport to reach our beach is by sea.

Live your best gastronomic experience in Palmira

You don't have to wait for your birthday to come and enjoy this special experience Palmira but it's certainly a perfect occasion to experience it. Before you sit down at the table and let your sense of taste be the protagonist, it will be with your eyes that you will be able to see (and almost feel) this space that is so magnificent for its spaciousness, its harmony, its decoration and its furniture.

It consists of a lounge and a very large terrace that on summer nights seems that it is not the cove of Mijas and the sea that you have right in front of you, but a beautiful setting. You choose where, inside or outside, to celebrate your birthday around a table whose menu has been prepared by our Chef Iván Cerdeñoa Michelin star holder. It is a luxury to have you with us on the Costa del Sol. A formal and elegant lunch or dinner that will be a complete success, for sure.

Origen Pool, a restaurant with a pool... or vice versa?

birthday celebration costa del sol

The access from the beach to our complex takes you to a wide space composed by a swimming pool, lawn and hammocks (single, double or the round beds for 8 people) next to the most informal of our restaurants, Source.

Instead of a beach, you may prefer to spend your birthday surrounded by the coming and going of people that this space becomes. Lots of sunshine, music, excellent food and good vibes all day long, from Thursday to Sunday, from 7 pm with live music shows: flamenco or Spanish and international pop versions.

Besides, you can keep the party going until the morning. You like this option, don't you? Moving!

Discover Lighthouse, our party room

And it ends there on the day of the best birthday celebration you can imagine. Our party room, adjacent to Origen and Palmira, where you can dance and have a few drinks to celebrate life.

Now it's your turn. What would your perfect birthday celebration on the Costa del Sol look like? Tell us through the web or social networks and our Events will adapt everything to make your day unforgettable. If you are on the Costa del Sol, let the Florida family help you organize your event.

We're waiting for you!