Everything there is to do when spending a weekend in Malaga


Although Florida Mijas Beach is located in Cala de Mijas, we are very proud that the capital of our province is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Spain as is Malaga. And in this entry we want to propose you everything you should do if you spend a weekend in Malaga. Which is a lot and will leave you completely in love.

With some 600,000 inhabitants, it is the most populated urban area on the Costa del Sol and the sixth largest in Spain. It was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC. In short, after forming part of the Roman Empire and the Crown of Castile, in the 19th century it became a reference point for the industrial revolution and in the 20th century it led the tourist boom that occurred in Spain in the 1960s and 70s.

All this (and one of the best climates in the country) has left a beautiful and interesting city for you to spend an unforgettable weekend in Malaga.

1.- A long walk through the city centre

In recent years, Malaga's city centre has undergone an impressive transformation (for the better, obviously). Your walk can perhaps begin at the beginning of the city's most famous street, Calle Marqués de Larios, which is totally pedestrianised, like almost all the rest of the centre, and which takes you into the heart of Málaga.

Don't forget to stop by and have a coffee in Constitution Square, we propose the Chinitas CoffeeA place where a great of Malaga and Spain like Chiquito de la Calzada spent many hours.

If you have to make a purchase and at the same time you want to enjoy a delicious tapas, we recommend you visit the Central Market of Atarazanas. Fresh produce and quick service inside a beautiful building. During the Fair season it is a must to kill the little worm.

Wander around aimlessly all you want. You will find beautiful and curious corners. Also visit Soho Malaga, also called the Arts district, crossing the main Alameda. Since the beginning of the 2000's it has become the district of the scenic arts, painting, music, photography, urban and exchange markets... it's really worth it!

2.- Enjoy the best views of Malaga from the Gibralfaro Castle

In the highest part of the city is the Castle of Gibralfaro, a point you should not miss. It is an old Nazarite fortress built in the 14th century, which, after the siege of the Catholic Monarchs, became the residence of King Ferdinand. It had enormous strategic value at that time.

Today, you can visit the Castle by getting in your car or on the municipal bus. The normal ticket costs 3.50 euros, although there are reduced tickets for some buses and even free on Sundays from noon until closing time.


3.- Have some sardine skewers on the beach

Let's see how we explain this to make it clear: if you come to Malaga you have to try the sardine spit. Yes or yes. There's no excuse! If you stay in the center, go down for a walk to the Malagueta beach. Where you see a boat full of sand and smoking in front of a chiringuito, they make fish skewers there.

This is an art that has its mystery: it is not worth any wood, only olive or almond trees. The canes on which the sardines are threaded are stuck in the sand, next to the fire, at a distance and with a certain degree of inclination, and not others. The most typical dish of Malaga is within your reach and at very affordable prices.

4.- Take a trip to Mijas and taste the Florida Beach menu

Take the car and in less than half an hour you will be in an oasis in the middle of Cala de Mijas. Florida Mijas Beach is the new proposal of the Florida Group, now in the form of a beach club. After the success of the iconic Florida Retiro in Madrid and Palau Alameda in Valencia, it reaches the heart of the Costa del Sol in a new format but following our peculiar concept of leisure and gastronomy.

We offer you 3,000 square meters of the best mix of leisure and gastronomy, divided into several spaces: beach, swimming pool, beach club, party room and two varied offers of restaurants.

You can spend a fantastic and relaxing day at the beach and pool in Cala de Mijas, with a live DJ and finish it off with lunch or dinner in any of our restaurants.

OriginIn the "Sandwich Room", it is the most informal space that offers a menu full of delicious snacks such as sandwiches, hamburgers, portions and even sushi. Everything is designed and prepared by our gastronomic director, Iván Cerdeño, holder of a Michelin Star and a sure success value.

The other gastronomic offer is PalmiraThis is a formal, elegant space where you can live one of the most exciting gastronomic and sensorial experiences of your life. The best from the garden, starters, meat, fish and some rice dishes to cry about. Don't forget to visit Florida Beach if you spend a weekend in Malaga.


5.- Visit the main museums in Malaga

Going back to the city centre, you should save some time (long, please) to visit some of the main museums in Málaga. One of them is the Picasso MuseumThe first one is in the Buenavista Palace, right in the centre of Málaga. A museum dedicated to the most universal Malagueño and which not only exhibits his paintings, but also collections of other artists of the most varied kind. The entrance fee is between 7 and 10 euros. A visit worthwhile.

The next artistic space we propose is the Thyssen Museum and all its surroundings, full of shops, restaurants and craft points attached to the museum. It is located in the Plaza Carmen Thyssen, a few meters from the Picasso Museum. It is a fantastic route to do. The sentradas cost about 10 euros.

The last artistic point of our route is the Centre Pompìdou in Malaga. This is the first international location that the Centre Pompidou in Paris has outside France. Since 2013, it has been located at the beginning of Quay 1 (which we will now discuss). We recommend that you go in, although only the cube-shaped building outside is worth visiting.

6.- Visit Pier 1 and Malagueta Beach

The last plan that we propose if you come to spend a weekend in Malaga is that you go all over the Quay 1 and the Malagueta Beach promenade.

Quay 1 is the newest and most renovated part of the marina in Malaga. It is a real shopping centre full of restaurants and shops. A very pleasant walk next to the yachts moored in the port. The end of Pier 1 links up with the beginning of the Malagueta beach, the main urban beach of the city and one of the best in Spain.

Take a typical picture of yourself with the giant letters that give the beach its name and take a walk along the promenade. That way you can kill two birds with one stone.

We hope you liked all these plans as much as we did because they are really worth it if you visit this beautiful city.

We're waiting for you!