Your best escape to Malaga passes through Florida Mijas Beach


It will come as no surprise to anyone that Malaga and the Costa del Sol is one of the most attractive and appetising tourist destinations in Spain. Its airport is the fourth busiest in Spain (and the twentieth busiest in the whole of the European Union, mind you) and the Costa del Sol, which is part of a large shopping centre, is constantly receiving travellers from all corners of the world. María Zambrano Train and AVE StationThe city, which forms part of a large commercial centre, is constantly receiving travellers from all points of the compass, especially Madrid. There are also cheaper ways to get there, such as the bus. And, finally, you can always come in your own car, which is also a harbinger of more exciting adventures. So, if you're thinking of "disappearing" for a few days to take a break, the best getaway is to Malaga (passing through Florida Mijas Beach, of course!).

Because it is a perfect city to visit alone, with your partner, with friends or with your family, since its beauty, together with the variety of leisure, culture and sport offers, makes that you can enjoy it 100% whatever your plan is. And in your escape to Malaga these 4 factors will be present.

1.- Enjoy the beauty of a unique city

From a few years ago until today, the centre of Malaga has been reforming and making its perimeter more and more extensive. What seemed to be old and unspectacular streets have been converted into renovated streets, pedestrian in many cases, modern without losing their more classic and lively symbols. A perfect example of this is Marqués de Larios Street, which looks spectacular all year round, but especially at the time of the Fair and at Christmas.

A step away, by the way, from the port, from the Malagueta beach and the Misericordia beach, from the Quay 1 and Soho Malaga, which complete a tour you shouldn't miss when you come.


2.- Soak up Malaga's cultural offer

In a previous entry we already recommended you to visit some of the main museums of the city. In addition to this, there is a wide range of theatrical offerings, such as the musical A Chorus Linewhich produces and directs a universal malagueño, Antonio Banderas.

In addition, the Cervantes Theatre | Echegaray is another hot spot when it comes to culture, and has an agenda full of events that you're sure to enjoy when you come to Malaga!

3.- Live the best leisure of the Costa del Sol passing by Florida Mijas Beach

It is not that Malaga itself does not have a rich leisure offer (which it does). It is that we cannot let pass the opportunity to invite you to come to know the Beach Club Florida style that we have opened in the beautiful Cala de Mijas. Continuing with our particular way of fusing leisure and gastronomy, and after consolidating the projects in Madrid (Florida Retirement) and Valencia (Palau Alameda), we present you Florida Mijas Beach, where we put at your disposal more than 3000 square meters so that, during a few hours you can disconnect from your daily activity.

Here you can experience everything from a day at the beach, swimming pool, music and sunshine in one of our hammocks to an evening of drinking until late at night (whenever allowed). There are two complementary restaurant offers that can be adapted to the plan you prefer.

PalmiraA beautiful restaurant at the top of our complex is perfect for a more formal lunch or dinner. SourceIn the lower part, next to the swimming pool, it offers delicious snacks for a more relaxed meeting.

Both the menu and the Palmira menu have been prepared by the chef Iván Cerdeño, our gastronomic director also at Florida Retiro and who is repeating his experience with us. A Michelin star in front of the Florida Beach kitchen.

4.- Sport, always present in the city of the Sun

Malaga has always been represented in the best football and basketball leagues, taking the city's name all over Spain and Europe. Possibly, when you make your escape to Malaga coincides with one of its games and you can go, for example, to the Martin Carpena pavilion to see the Unicaja of Malaga.

Besides, it is a perfect city to walk around while exercising, either in the city centre or on its promenades. By the way, do you like beach volleyball? Its beaches are full of people practicing this sport. Join them!

As you can see, your trip to Malaga can be very rewarding. We hope you can enjoy this beautiful city and we look forward to your visit in our corner of Cala de Mijas, just 25 minutes from the centre!