Guide to organize your best romantic dinner on the beach


There are plans that belong to a particular season and not to another. A trip to the snow in winter, mushroom and milk cap picking in autumn, visiting Seville in April at least once in your life and a romantic dinner on the beach in summer, if your destination is the coast.

And this last one is the one we're interested in. Because with a plan like this you will earn many points with the person you want to spend that evening with, and at Florida Mijas Beach, which we are at your service, we will make sure that everything is perfect, that nothing goes wrong and that not a single detail is missing!

A good surprise dinner by the sea, a beautiful sunset with its corresponding sunset, absolute relaxation and disconnection. And if, in addition, it coincides with a full moon and its beautiful light, extra point! Looks good, doesn't it?


Besides, we saved you all the preparations. In fact, you won't have to cook anything. We'll take care of that. You won't literally be dining on the sand, but you will be dining a few feet away in unparalleled surroundings. On these kinds of nights you should leave few (or none?) to improvisation.

Because we offer you two excellent options to spend your romantic dinner on the beach. And in both, our Gatronomic Director, the chef Iván CerdeñoMichelin star winner. But you're in charge of grooming and being on time! 😉

An informal romantic dinner on the beach at Origen

On our ground floor, outdoors, next to the swimming pool and with the sand of Cala de Mijas and the sea a few meters away (almost centimeters!) is located SourceOur most multifunctional space. A 360º space that combines music, swimming pool, gastronomy, cocktails and ambience during the day.

At night, it can become your dream corner to enjoy a romantic dinner with your favorite person. Their menu offers you everything from sandwiches and hamburgers to sushi, fried Andalusian food or the best from the garden.


Choose the elegance of Palmira for your special night

On our top floor you will find Palmirathe most formal restaurant in Florida Mijas Beach. Half covered, with a large and elegant lounge, half open air, with an adjacent terrace right over the Origen Restaurant and the pool.

It becomes very complicated to look at Palmira's menu and choose what you want to eat because of the large amount of exquisite dishes it has accumulated. Many of them are traditional dishes but with the special touch that Ivan Cerdeño has given them.

The best version of vegetable garden, meat, fish and rice. Watch out for the rice, which is standing out a lot! Another triumph to add to our chef's list.

In Palmira, your romantic dinner on the beach of the fantastic Cala de Mijas and by the sea will be a guaranteed success.

Whichever option you choose... how about ending up with a bottle of champagne? Or why wait until the end and not have dinner with such a delicacy from the beginning? Remember that you also have 150 wine references to choose from. Take a look!

We propose a gastronomic and vital experience that you will hardly be able to forget. We will be delighted that you trust your romantic dinner on the beach to Florida Mijas Beach because it will be a safe bet. A careful and professional service that seeks excellence along with high level snacks and dishes prepared by a Michelin Star.

We're waiting for you!

Iván Cerdeño, a Michelin Star for the stoves of Florida Mijas Beach

Not every restaurant is lucky enough to have a Gastronomic Director who has won a Michelin Star as is Ivan Cerdeño. In the Florida group, on the other hand, we are immensely lucky to have him both in Madrid, with Florida Retiro, and now on the Costa del Sol, with Florida Mijas Beach.

And if being a great chef, recognized by the profession, is accompanied by the fact that he is even a better person, we have no doubt that he fits perfectly into the Florida family. Ivan is our man!

Florida Beach Night
Florida Beach is Ivan Cerdeño's latest project

But all this success and recognition has not come to him by chance. Because this young man from Toledo (😉), at 40 years of age, already has many kilometres made in some of the best kitchens in Spain and abroad. The fact that his parents ran a restaurant was an impulse to encourage him to study cooking in Toledo and then continue training and gaining experience in places like El Bohío, Rodero or Celler de Can Roca in Spain. And in Landau, in London.

From there, his own projects come to life, such as La Casa del Carmen, El Carmen de Montesión or the most up-to-date one, The Angel's Cigarral. All this journey has served to offer a range of dishes that are reminiscent of traditional cuisine, adding a personal touch.

Garden, mountain, sea and first class rice dishes are what the menu of one of the restaurants in Florida Mijas Beach offers, Palmira.

Palmira, the place where you will live a unique experience

Florida Beach's main entrance leads you directly into a very special space. 50% of Palmira, its indoor part, is made up of the fantastic hall that presides over our complex. The harmony of its spaces and the circular shapes of its furniture stand out: seats, tables, lamps...

The other half of Palmira, outdoors, is formed by a wide terrace and incredible views of Cala de Mijas and the sea. This is Ivan Cerdeño's most formal gastronomic venture in Florida Beach. A variety of options of vegetables, meat, fish and rice, as well as 150 references of wines, which we are sure will not leave you indifferent, a safe bet!


Florida Mijas Beach, leisure and gastronomy for the Costa del Sol

After fulfilling the dreams of Madrid (with Florida Retiro) and Valencia (with Palau Alameda), this time it is in MijasWe are located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, where wishes are fulfilled and we want to offer you the concept of leisure and gastronomic complex that we like so much. Florida Mijas Beach is already here and we want to live it with you. Will you join us?

Because we are seduced, we fall in love, this idea adapted to the southern airs of Malaga, its customs, its pescaítoThe joy of its people, which is lived in every corner of this land. The mere fact of seeing the pristine white outside of the building, already puts you in a wonderful Andalusian context.

Last June 26th was the first day in which we put at your disposal 3000 square meters full of fun, variety, excellent food and drink, entertainment and relaxation divided into several spaces and adaptable to any plan. From a quiet and familiar day at the beach to the celebration of an unforgettable party with your friends. From 11 am to well into the morning.

The hands of Ivan Cerdeño, holder of a Michelin Star, show us the gastronomic way

Chef Iván Cerdeño is repeating his experience with us, as he is responsible for the preparations at Florida Retiro in Madrid, which have been so well received by our customers. A luxury to have at the controls of our kitchens a holder of a Michelin Star.

Origin, a place 360

The dishes on the menus of the two main gastronomic spaces we propose are also yours. On the ground floor, as well as the swimming pool, is located SourceA restaurant where you can meet in a more informal way around a table where you can share dishes such as salads, fantastic Iberian products, typical fried food or an excellent sushi and you can complete with main dishes such as hamburgers, fish or sandwiches.

Its wide doors connect directly to the hammock and pool area, so you will have everything within reach in a few meters.

Palmira, elegant and exquisite

On the top floor you will find PalmiraA real gem, not only in terms of gastronomy, but also in terms of architecture, since the enormous size and elegance of its lounge and the harmony of its spaces means that, through its huge window, you can join Florida Mijas Beach with the immense sea that you will have right in front of your eyes.

More formal lunches and dinners and a varied menu in which garden products, fish (such as tuna from the Almadraba), meats, fried foods and rice dishes stand out, which is doomed to success. All this is watered by the wine you choose from a selection of 150 references.

Apart from the indoor option, Palmira also offers you the outdoor option where you can enjoy your meal on a large terrace right above the pool area and with incredible views of Cala de Mijas.

Spend a long day at the beach in Florida Mijas Beach

From 11 a.m. until the sun goes down you can book one of the several dozen hammocks we offer you, located on the beach right in front of our complex. Or maybe you prefer to reserve it in the pool area. Choose one space or another, you will have our waiter service at your disposal throughout the day. All the leisure and gastronomy in the best area of the Costa del Sol, at your service.

Also, if you come from Thursday to Sunday, you may want to join that beautiful day at the beach with what you will experience in Florida from mid-afternoon. Because if there is something that characterizes us Florida family is that we signed up for a bombing. And in this case, the bombing is organized by us. Look!

The best leisure plans on the Costa del Sol

For decades, Florida has been synonymous with leisure, fun, surprises, artists, lights, live music and, above all, joy. We want you to disconnect from the day to day with us, not look at the clock, relax and just enjoy yourself. We will do the rest.

Every week, from Thursday to Sunday, around 7 pm, we offer you the best live music at Origen. Artists who will bring us the best versions of rumbas, Spanish pop and all the great songs that we know you know by heart. There is no better plan to finish off a day at the beach, right? 💃🏻 Well, that's it!

Also, on Thursday nights, in space LighthouseIn our party room, we offer you the What The Funk session brought to us by DJ and rrpp Terry Hobbs so you can dance until late at night.

We will keep you informed of all the events and news through this channel and our social networks. Follow us and don't miss anything!

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The best mix of leisure and gastronomy has arrived on the Costa del Sol. It has arrived at Cala de Mijas.

We're waiting for you!