Guide to organize your best romantic dinner on the beach


There are plans that belong to a particular season and not to another. A trip to the snow in winter, mushroom and milk cap picking in autumn, visiting Seville in April at least once in your life and a romantic dinner on the beach in summer, if your destination is the coast.

And this last one is the one we're interested in. Because with a plan like this you will earn many points with the person you want to spend that evening with, and at Florida Mijas Beach, which we are at your service, we will make sure that everything is perfect, that nothing goes wrong and that not a single detail is missing!

A good surprise dinner by the sea, a beautiful sunset with its corresponding sunset, absolute relaxation and disconnection. And if, in addition, it coincides with a full moon and its beautiful light, extra point! Looks good, doesn't it?


Besides, we saved you all the preparations. In fact, you won't have to cook anything. We'll take care of that. You won't literally be dining on the sand, but you will be dining a few feet away in unparalleled surroundings. On these kinds of nights you should leave few (or none?) to improvisation.

Because we offer you two excellent options to spend your romantic dinner on the beach. And in both, our Gatronomic Director, the chef Iván CerdeñoMichelin star winner. But you're in charge of grooming and being on time! 😉

An informal romantic dinner on the beach at Origen

On our ground floor, outdoors, next to the swimming pool and with the sand of Cala de Mijas and the sea a few meters away (almost centimeters!) is located SourceOur most multifunctional space. A 360º space that combines music, swimming pool, gastronomy, cocktails and ambience during the day.

At night, it can become your dream corner to enjoy a romantic dinner with your favorite person. Their menu offers you everything from sandwiches and hamburgers to sushi, fried Andalusian food or the best from the garden.


Choose the elegance of Palmira for your special night

On our top floor you will find Palmirathe most formal restaurant in Florida Mijas Beach. Half covered, with a large and elegant lounge, half open air, with an adjacent terrace right over the Origen Restaurant and the pool.

It becomes very complicated to look at Palmira's menu and choose what you want to eat because of the large amount of exquisite dishes it has accumulated. Many of them are traditional dishes but with the special touch that Ivan Cerdeño has given them.

The best version of vegetable garden, meat, fish and rice. Watch out for the rice, which is standing out a lot! Another triumph to add to our chef's list.

In Palmira, your romantic dinner on the beach of the fantastic Cala de Mijas and by the sea will be a guaranteed success.

Whichever option you choose... how about ending up with a bottle of champagne? Or why wait until the end and not have dinner with such a delicacy from the beginning? Remember that you also have 150 wine references to choose from. Take a look!

We propose a gastronomic and vital experience that you will hardly be able to forget. We will be delighted that you trust your romantic dinner on the beach to Florida Mijas Beach because it will be a safe bet. A careful and professional service that seeks excellence along with high level snacks and dishes prepared by a Michelin Star.

We're waiting for you!