Clasic dishes

  • Pure acorn-fed Iberian ham 22€

    Allergens: gluten

  • Selection of world cheeses 17€

    Allergens: Gluten and nuts and dairy products

  • Cantabrian anchovies (6 pcs.) 19,50€

    Allergens: gluten and fish

  • Russian salad with almadraba tuna 18,5€

    Allergens: eggs, fish, sesame seeds, soya and sulphites

  • Russian salad with shrimp 14€

    Allergens: eggs, fish, sulphites and shellfish

  • Almadraba tuna tartar with avocado 25€

    Allergens: fish, eggs, sulphites, soya and gluten

  • Gravalax salmon marinated with dill, lemon and avocado 15€

    Allergens: fish

  • Sea bass ceviche with aji amarillo (yellow chili) 22€

    Allergens : fish

Garden Produce

Fried Dishes

  • Andalusian-style squid with citrus mayonnaise  €16

    Allergens: gluten, egg and shellfish

  • Iberian ham croquette 1 pc./2,80

    Allergens: gluten, egg and dairy

  • Cuttlefish croquettes  1 pc / €2,80

    Allergens: gluten, egg, dairy and shellfish

  • Fried aubergines with Ronda rosemary honey  €12

    Allergens: gluten, dairy and soya

  • Fried baby squid with black aioli 16€

    Allergens: gluten, eggs, fish


Rice dishes

The Fish Counter

Meat Dishes

Side Dishes

  • Chips €4.50
  • Roasted piquillo peppers €4,50

    Allergens: sulphites

  • Green salad € 4,50

    Allergens: sulphites

  • Sautéed baby endive 5€

    Allergens: soya

  • Potato puree   €4,50

    Allergens: dairy