Florida Mijas Beach, the ideal place to hold your business dinner on the Costa del Sol

company dinner costa del sol

One of the secrets for a company to work, achieve its goals and conquer success is that the interpersonal relationships of the individuals that make it up are the best possible. And one of the ways to make all this possible is through teambuilding. And after an intense day of activities, what better than holding a good meeting around a table and tablecloth? If your company is located on the Costa del Sol, the business dinner in Florida Mijas Beach, is your ideal place.

Because it doesn't have to be Christmas (which is also!) to share good food with colleagues, in Florida we offer you a perfect location as it is Mijas CoveWe offer a variety of options and a gastronomic offer that is difficult to beat, since at the head of our kitchens is the Chef Ivan CerdeñoMichelin star winner.

La Cala de Mijas, a magical place

Florida Mijas Beach is located on the beautiful cove, in the front line, and with fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea that you cannot miss. It is less than a kilometer long and is located between Fuengirola and Marbella. Furthermore, its sea bed is an ecological oasis, as several species from different origins coexist here.

With this environment, your business dinner is bound to be a complete success! And look at all the things you can organize, keep reading!

Variety of options for your business dinner

In Florida Beach we offer you several ways to celebrate your company's dinner. From a relaxed cocktail party to a formal dinner. And all in the same location. Our spaces, in two different heights, will adapt perfectly to what you are looking for.

Origen Pool, the perfect mix of pool and restaurant

At Origin PoolIn the swimming pool area, located in the lower part of the complex, you will be able to meet with your companions to enjoy an excellent cocktail that will be organized by our Events Department taking into account all your needs. In the pool area, outdoors, or in the bar area, indoors, you will spend an incredible evening with Cala de Mijas and the sea as exceptional spectators.

Summer nights at Origen Pool are a real dream!


Palmira's elegance and letter will leave no one indifferent

Our most formal restaurant is located on the top floor of Florida Beach, Palmira. Elegance and good taste on all four sides that will make your company's dinner a success. You can choose (or combine) between the covered lounge and the very large terrace that serves as a stage in front of the beach and the sea.

Likewise, you can contact our colleagues in Events to choose a closed menu of dishes, a tasting or simply dinner a la carte that Ivan Cerdeño has prepared for you, which highlights the garden, meat, fish and rice. And always with a touch of Andalusia, as is the law!

business dinner costa del sol

Lighthouse, the lighthouse that guides your business dinner night

And to top off a great night of business dinner, you can enjoy our club party room, without leaving the same complex, until well into the night. At Lighthouse all the music, lights, dancing and drinks (watch out! these nights are dangerous 😂) to close a great day with your classmates.

As you can see, Florida Retiro is a 360º place that offers you everything in the same space. An idyllic space in the heart of the Costa del Sol to celebrate your business dinner, which is looking forward to meeting you.

We're waiting for you!